April 3, 2005         
Our Lord has came
to Receive the Holy
Father, for Christ
has given him to us.
As we the Body of
Christ the Church
must offer Pope John
Paul II to the world
for He was and is an
Instrument of Mercy,
a embasitor of
Christ. Let us be
carriers of Christ as
St. Christopher Let
us take upon our
shoulders the
mission of the Pope
to bring the Light of
Christ to the Whole

I Extend the Holy Fathers
Blessings upon you and
your families, I have
received during several
Masses, I Attended in
Rome and Mexico in the
years, Twice in 1999 - and
2000 A.D. For the Jubilee
Born and During
Funeral a Eclipse
Blessed is He Whom  Eyes Have Not Seen
Totus Tuus
"Totally Yours"
++ R.I.P.++
Pope John Paul II
( Karol Wojtyla )   May 18, 1920
Entered Eternal Rest April 2, 2005
as Pope October 1978-April 2, 2005
May He Rest In The Peace Of The Risen Christ!
Mass for Pope John Paul II
Victorville, CA
Me and Twin Brother, Steve
Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II  has given to us this year a gift of the Year of
the Eucharist
. Last year He gave us the year of the Rosary
which Our Lady of the Rosary brings us to her son Jesus this
year. With this gift I pray this year, together through prayer,
fasting all in and through love, WE the Body of Christ the Church
shall manifest and to bring  about unity and the illuminating
presence of Christ Jesus and His Love to a World in such
darkness, separation from Christ and each other. Lets open up
the hearts of humanity  through prayer and sacrifice. So we
together shall come to share and to know the Real Presence of
Christ in the Holy Eucharist. The Real Presence of Jesus in the
Holy Eucharist. The Holy Father has granted
Plenary Indulgences
in this Holy Year. Please take a look at the link to read more in
depth of this great opportunity.
The Two Popes and the Third Secret of Fatima
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Smoke and Bells
White Smoke
Praise Be TO Jesus! For we have been given a New Pope the
Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI Let's pray together a novena to
the Holy Trinity for the Outpouring of the Manifestation and the
Power of the Holy Eucharist to work through Our New Holy Father.
Christ Himself will show his char isms through the Love of Pope
Benedict XVI has for the flock of the Christ the Church. Let's not
look for faults of the Pope but look to Christ within Him, for through
his brokenness, The Holy Trinity will make the Church Whole.
Beatification of PJPII
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