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Xclusive Painters  my brother
Steve web page, showcases his
work with Cars, Bikes and Home
Renovations. He also works on
refurbishing Wood Furniture to
Wall Cabinets.

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for Your Support and Interest.
Steven Lopez at 1 626 549-5945
Bella Mia Salon in Tom's Parking Lot at
*16727 Bear Valley Rd. And 2nd in Hesperia
New Salon Room  760)693-1516
Salon Blue*3150 Colima Rd. Ste D, Hacienda Heights
Cell 626)422-4073
ask for John
Johnny Rockit World
Stylist, Colorist, Make-up Artist
Designer of Jewelry and Clothing
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Peace Hope
Love and
Unity pg.2
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                         Family Photo Page
Brester,       Simpson
Holland,      Lopez
Gonzales,    Cruz
Foo's,          Sambrano
Art   Is a Page  that showcases
some of my Brothers Stevens
Art. You will also see some of
my work as well like Art,
Jewelry and Clothing.
MY Heritage.Com
Family Tree at
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Johnny Rock It World   
Checkout the  latest Movie Star
or Artist I've pumped into
around the LA area. Throughout
my life, I have been Lucky to
have seen so many stars up
close and personal.  The latest
Hot Spots and Restaurants I
Salon News  Page is where
guest can link up to some of my
favorite products. Also featured
are a few Before and After
photo's of Hair Extensions,
Haircuts and Colors.
The Heart that Fits the Soul Page
This site I hope will inspire and
also to encourage you to deepen
your faith in the reality of God.
I became a Roman Catholic in
1992 during the Easter Vigil.
Since then, I love sharing with
others my daily conversion. I have
enjoyed involving myself in many
Local Ministries in the cities of
Victorville and La Vern Ca.

New Link  Messages of Peace
Hope Love and Unity pg. 2