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Saint Philomena
The remains of Filumena departed from
Rome on July 1, 1805 and arrived at
Mugnano on August 10, 1805 where
they have remained since the transferal.
Saint Benedict
June 23,05
Blessing through the Holy Trinity, May God send upon you the Graces
needed in your life to continue to seek His Love and Mercy.
Hello, everyone it's been some time since my last update. I have been
busy working and making jewelry and accessories(  religious / none ).
Also attending Wed. Prayer Group with Fr. Stephen at Rosario's House.
Looking forward to this years SCRC and to the many conventions
dedicated to Our Lady and Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.

Aug. 10,2005
Let us all pray for our Priest and Religious and all who form the Body of
Christ the Church to continue the works of the Holy Spirit.

Sept 5, 05
Hello, to all who attended the SCRC Convention in Anaheim. It was a
blessing to have met so many new brothers and sisters in Christ, to you
and to all, I will continue to pray for your Son's and Daughters and for
your Family Members. In the light of Christ, through His Merciful Heart
and with your Love and Prayers you have the Victory over any grip that
may have hold of your loved ones.
"We Give You Thanks" the them for the weekend. This week has been a
prime example when great tragedies,a time of darkness, God shows His
Mercy and Love through Hearts of People around the World. Supporting
others in need through prayers or sending food, water and the bare
necessities of life. Let us all Fast for the Victims of the Hurricane that they
all may turn to the Lord and to be thankful not for the tragedy but for his
Merciful Love that causes Conversion in our Hearts.

Oct. 18, 2005
Praise be to Jesus
Beloved Children,  God Bless
As we see all the natural disasters let not our eyes distract our focus off
of Christ. Our Merciful Lord has his gentle and healing hands on
humanity. He is Healing Our Minds , Body and Souls but most of all he is
healing families. Look to one another, find him in the hearts of each other
as well in your friends and those whom you come in contact with daily.
Remember to always tell others how much you appreciate them and how
much you love them for Love is the greatest gift He Gives Us to Share.
For That Love is Christ, for Love Heals and Mends Hearts and it will also
raise the Dead, Those whom are Dead in Sin for Christ will be there
source of Life.  

Faith Hope and Love
Johnny Manuel Lopez                                       Updated Oct. 18, 2005
Michael John Poirier
Artist & Composer
Left to Right      March 6th, 2005
Fr. Jack Spaulding's Parish
March 6th, 2005
Pictures taken during pilgrimages and
prayer meetings.
Our Next Phoenix Pilgrimage will
be held on the days of  
There is No Day Set for Now
Bus $60
Rooms at $55 / Up to 4 People
To make a reservation call
Javier at
Johnny at
Crucifix created by the hands
Reyes Ruiz
Our Lady of The
In Loving Memory of
Reyes Ruiz
Please leave your email at
Medjugorje Visionary, Ivan
Jan. 12, 2005
Jim C. From the Movie
The Passion of the Christ
Jan. 12, 2005
Philippines Visionary,  Carmello Cortez
Dec. 1st. 2004
Our Lady of
the Milennium
Terri Shiavo
Maria Esperanza . org
Aug. 7, 2004
The Bianchini Family
Betania Choir
Mr. Geo Bianchini
Feb. 26, 2005
Feb. 26, 2005         Lenten Marian Retreat with Maria Esperanza's Family
I met with Mr. Geo Bianchini, husband of the late visionary and mystic
from Betania,Venezuela. He said to me he would pray for me in a special
way. He also invited me to come to Betania I pray, Our Lady if it would be
in the will God. ( link )
"I am Mary, Virgin and Mother Reconciler of all
People and Nations.."
We are children of God the Light and Salt of the Earth.

Dogmas of the Virgin Mary

1st Marian Dogma

The Motherhood of God
431 A.D.

2nd Marian Dogma

The Perpetual Virginity
of Mary
649 A.D.

3rd Marian Dogma

The Immaculate Conception
of Mary
1858 A.D.

4th Marian Dogma

The Assumption
of Mary

Proposed Three New Marian Dogmas
1- Coredemptrix 2- Mediatrix and
3- Advocate

Please pray for these Dogmas to be
proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI
Totus Tuus
"Totally Yours Mary"
The Arrows Point to the Face of Jesus
Dec. 4th 2004
The Arrows Point to the Face of Jesus
Cropped Image
Our Lady of Fatima wept tears on
Sept. 8th, 2001
A tear under her right check is
still visable today.

New Pope
This is a site I am building.
Store is located in Whitter,Ca.
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