Messages of Peace Hope Love and Unity
Within the Holy Trinity
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“Given to All God’s Children of the World”

Messages from
God the Father, Jesus, Through Holy Spirit
and Messages from
the Blessed Virgin Mary

Since 1987 to the Present

My beloved children of my Divine Mercy, come my children and do not hasten to the
distractions of the world. The arrows of error that my adversary, so directs to destroy and
distract you from your Vocation. Vocation of Marriage, Vocation of Holy Orders. My beloved
children, I your Jesus of Mercy have called you to this place, I have set aside for my
mother, your mother. Her Immaculate Heart is your refuge. For where her Immaculate and
Motherly Heart is, I am there. Where I am, my Father is present. The Holy Spirit is working in
the hearts of all my children for the conversion of all humanity. At this time of great mercy, I
your Jesus of Mercy ask of your trust. Trust in the Heavenly plan my Father has placed
before you.

Our Mother of Mercy has gathered your hearts together in prayer, sacrifice and service for
souls.   Together,  My beloved children,  be not afraid when you are persecuted for your
faithfulness. Many will suffer on the behalf of this Sanctification. Many places I am calling
and many are refusing my calling. Pray for these souls, for many are going to hell, because
they have chosen the path that has taken them away from my Love, My Divine Love.
Beloved children, blessed are you whom have chosen to follow the Path of Mercy. Go my
children and share the graces you have received at this place I have set aside for souls.

Be Not Afraid for I am with you always.
I Bless You and Love You, In and Through My Mercy.

     Jesus of Mercy
     3:23 pm  October 12, 2008
     Tehachapi Ca.
     Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus
     Johnny Manuel Lopez
Link to the Heart
that Fits the Soul
Link to the Heart
that Fits the Soul
For your discernment:

When my heart was pierced, my tears where shed for you!

Our Lady of Sorrows 8:41pm

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Wednesday prayer group.

The wall image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary eyes became like flesh
at the main alter, left of the Crucifix
Marian Movement of Priest Book ( random ) Message 527 ( confirms )

The Light of Christ, Illuminate our Hearts in the Love of God the Father. I come before you
in this time of Repentance ( Lent ). Lets go to the desert and pray and empty ourselves,
that the only thing left in us through the Holy Spirit will be Christ Himself. Dear Jesus I
Kneel before you and Pray with my Humble Heart for my Family, Friends and Foes. When I
am unable to Speak let your Words speak through my heart in my stillness. In this time of
great division. Let Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father be Our Unity. Let the Truth
Brother in Christ, Johnny Lopez  Feb. 27, 2012
A Way of Love
Part #1
A Boulder will fall out of its place and there shall be the opening of your dwelling.

Running water will also flow in the rear of the dwelling. Light will illuminate for you to wash
to bathe, to wash away contaminants from the fall and to wash away sin. This water is
blessed within my blood, within my Sacred Heart.
My Mother and your mother, my children shall cleanse you through Her Immaculate Heart.
My children blessed are you who respond for the new dawn of a new era of my peace. I
bless you and I keep you in my sight.

Jesus of Mercy
June 7, 1998
Tehachapi Ca.
At the mountain shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus "Santo Nino"
Tehachapi, California on Holy trinity Sunday

Part 1a Message
There will be a sign on the left and on the right and in the center will be your entrance.
Our Lady confirmed the message by performing the Miracle of the Sun. Three pictures
where taken. In one frame a Eucharist appears as to fall from the sky. Wind blowing very

Part #2 of Message

Facing the Dwelling

Left side:                                 Purple flowers
Right side:                               White long thin stem flowers
Middle:                                     Orange small star shaped flowers (below entrance)
Back of dwelling:                     A praying figure - rock ( behind entrance)
Above dwelling                        A large tree (the center of the signs)

All of this is behind Our Lady's Grotto, 20 yards down the hill
June 8, 1998
Tehachapi, California
updated 9/5/2013

My beloved Children I call you to pray with a sincere heart. In this year, that is about to
unfold will cause many of the faithful to question, does God exists in their hearts. It is
through prayer, my children the light of faith reveals the deception , lies and the conflicts
of doubt. In you my children is a light a flam of the Holy Spirit that is ever ready to reveal to
you the truth of your faith. In this revaluation shall bring conversion. Only in faith in Christ,
the Holy Spirit can work the mysteries of God.
My beloved children today the 3rd of January. I as you to begin again to renew your
devotion to the Holy Spirit. Ask the Father of Heaven to reveal the Graces that come from
the Holy Spirit. Graces, My Children are obtained through Love. Love of Prayer, Love of
Service, Act of Love, do all things through Love. My Immaculate Heart has been given by
the Father to you, to obtain all the Graces necessary for you state in life.
In this year, my son Pope Benedict the 16th will proclaim the remaining Dogmas of the
Church on my behalf. (Mysteries of the Faith). Blessed are you my children whom have
responded to my call of prayer.  Jan. 3, 2010 a.d. ( my room Victorville)
12:50pm Holy Innocents, Victorville
Interior visions during the Holy Rosary

1st Decade

2nd Decade
A light , like the sun will travel around the earth three times and the heat from its rays will
be intense like in the 100 degrees even in places where there is snow.

3rd Decade
I see a wide door opening to a Abbess  of darkness

4th Decade
I feel Our Lady presence

5th Decade
I feel a stillness

Hail Holy Queen Prayer
I have a sense of a renewal here on earth

Now may I speak my son?

John M. Lopez
Yes, Lord

Today is not like any other day. I created the day for Love, But for mankind, he is incapable
of loving. Throughout the world I manifest my Love with new life, Children for  a future  of
Love Peace and Unity. You have experienced in the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Mother, My

In the First Mystery
You experienced nothing, for all that there is, I exist, this is what matters the most to my
beloved souls here on earth.

In the Second Mystery
You experienced a great light, a fire for three days that will consume the earth. Be not
afraid for those whom believe will not be harmed. I will carry you through this tribulation.

In the Third Mystery
You have seen a door opening to darkness that will cover the earth.

In the Forth Mystery

Our Lady and your Mother will come to you and to the world to comfort you and bring you

In the Fifth Mystery
You felt a stillness that which comes from my Peace. A stillness that will cover the earth.

In the Hail Holy Queen
You experienced a renewal, a renewal of lofe on earth for the Era of Peace to reign on
earth. Heaven and Earth as One, United and Souls united in Heart and Souls.

My Beloved Son and Children, Blessed are you for responding to the call to Holiness

1:37pm May 4th, 2011

My Beloved Children today I commission you to bring to the world my justice. When you
come in truth, the word of my son Jesus is fulfilled through Thy Spirit, manifesting my
presence to whom hearts are open to receive my word. My Children today, I manifest
myself to you in a special way. A way of justice. Do not be afraid of my justice for my justice
is of love and in love and in receiving my love, Salvation is at hand -  your will - Beloved of
my son Jesus, whom walk the path of salvation. Joy Peace Unity awaits you and living in
unity within my justice brings about my reign of mercy in the heart of all. My children
remain in love and justice. My Holy justice will separate you from sinful ways and it will be
your protection from the attacks directed at your souls. When your flesh is afflicted, come
to me and I shall refresh your heart and souls.
( God the Father presents the spouse  of the Holy Spirit ). Beloved Children take hold of
the hand of your Mother and with her, you shall walk the path of purification. I now bestow
a crown upon your head. My beloved i now send you, go and do not be afraid, for I shall
not leave my people.

August 7 2013 8:28pm
La Vern
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Wed. Prayer Group

My Beloved Children in the big city a fire shall consume many souls,
The Sin of the great city.

My beloved children today I have called you to my places of refuge, a place i meet my
people and my people come to be with me. Oh how tirelessly is the work of salvation.

In a few months a transition of government is going to take place. In many countries and
nations will fallow for a unified nation, not under my divine will. I speak to (from) my little
servant  (John L.) My messenger of my true presence. I want to be present to you at all
times, but you have failed to listen to my call and you failed to respond.

Oh how short is the time of preparation in my places of refuge. Gather in your homes all
things necessary for your spiritual well being. The flesh is deceived and it falls short in the
warnings I give you.

My beloved children prepare the heart and the soul shall fallow. A purity of heart manifest
my Divine Will in you and you shall be a light in the world of such sinfulness. My beloved
children, I love you, my spirit, Receive for in you is the plan of salvation united in my
passion, come to me, for I am waiting. Waiting for you to respond to the New Era of my
Fathers Reign accomplished through sacrificial souls.
My Dearly Beloved Children, I your Jesus, now send you as the one whom has sent me to
accomplish the Fathers Will, for my hand is upon you.

September 3, 2013 a.d.
Holy Trinity Chapel of Tehachapi