My beloved children, come to my immaculate heart. The Holy Eucharist, Jesus my son is the center of my heart and my
life. Immolate, my children after my own heart. Make Jesus the center of your lives and He will be in the center of your
lives to be with you.
My Son Jesus calls you to love and to be loved for it is in receiving that you will be able to share his love. Open wide the
doors to your lives and He will flood the world with His Mercy through you. The Ocean of Mercy, shall cleans the world
from Sin, Suffering and Death. He will bring all things anew through him. A new Era of Peace shall come to you, be
patient my children, I love you and I shall be with you always, tell the End of Time.
My beloved children for I am with you, when you are filling lonely and when you are in sorrow, I come to bring you Jesus.
Come receive him in the Holy Eucharist the Body and Blood of my Son Jesus. Receive, Respond and Repent for he is
merciful. This is the time of Grace and of Mercy. Go my children go and proclaim the Mercy and Love of Jesus.
Be a witness to the world, the true presence of God. Blessed are you who respond to my immaculate heart and to my
invotation, most of all to the Holy Will of God the Father through the Holy Spirit. Be not afraid for the Spirit of God shall be
your Light and Pathway of Mercy.

Immaculate Heart of Mary
SCRC Convention, Anaheim, CA. Convention Center
Sunday, Sept. 4 2005
4:05pm after receiving the Holy Eucharist
Johnny Manuel Lopez
During the 10AM Mass held at St. Gabriel the Archangel I saw a altar candle holder with the Two Hearts of Jesus and  Mary at
the base.

Then Jesus spoke to my heart and said “ I call you to have a Eucharistic Heart”.  “ Open the Tabernacle doors of you heart.”

I reflected on these words of Christ and they confirmed His Mother words just a few days earlier. Christ calls us all to be
Ambassadors of Light to all Nations for a new Awakening.
St. Gabriel the Archangel
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
March 7, 2005
Johnny Manuel Lopez
My beloved children I come to bring you Peace and Justice
Beloved children open your heart’s to the love of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. I ask of you to make yourselves a Eucharistic
People, be a witness of the true presence of Christ my Son. Beloved Children many of my children do not know or even
respect the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Only if they knew of the beautiful love and mercy in receiving Him. O my children
come and receive my son Jesus, he is waiting for your responds to my call and His invitation. Look to my immaculate heart "I
am the Mother of the Eucharist" and in my heart there is Peace and Justice. In this year of my Son “ The Year of the Holy
Eucharist” my beloved son Pope John Paul II has invited all to the importance of the real presence of my Son in the Holy
Eucharist and as it is the Center of Life and of the Church.
Beloved children, I come to bring you peace, a Peace that is like a child in a mothers arms and Justice, only my Son can give
into an unjust world. I call you to pray and to offer much for your families. I call all to a unity of love. This love begins when one
sets aside his own pride and becomes humble and then becoming a servant for others.
Humility and Littleness our virtues  one must strive for the Kingdom of God. It is in your unworthiness that you become worthy,
it is in your lowliness you become joy in Christ. I call you to sacrifice all things that you obtain nothing but have all things in
Christ and for Christ.
Beloved children Receive Repent and Respond to the Eucharistic Jesus for many see your conversion and are in need of
your humility and littleness for Christ. Christ in you, shall accomplish all things through you and for you. Go out in to the world
and share that which I bring to you this day. I love you and I keep you under my mantel of protection. Blessed are you whom
respond to the Eucharistic Jesus.

St. John Vianney Church
Hacienda Heights, Ca 91745
2pm after the Holy Rosary
Johnny Manuel Lopez
March 4, 2005
My Beloved Children, be still and listen to the silence of your hearts for I am speaking to you this day with confidence and with
courage for it is within you to love. Only with the love I give, sacrifices in and through love brings about my compassion for my
children through your acts of love. This day my children I shall send upon humanity an interior chastisements an interior
separation only the soul can decipher. The heart shall not know what the soul desires and the soul shall be hidden. I call all
of my children to a deepening of ones faith which causes an interior conversion of the heart. Seek my children and you shall
find that which I speak of.

My Father has opened the heavens not to send but to receive that which he has intended to receive. I your Jesus of Mercy in
my hour has placed upon my beloved children an awakening of the soul which the Father has intended it's purpose. Love,   
Love, my children is of the soul and is the soul and the heart is it's spouse. One must unite himself with the awareness of my
presence, my living presence within the Holy Eucharist  present in the tabernacles of the world.  You my children are my
resting place I am hidden within your hearts and your souls. Your souls are inflamed with my Spirit. At this hour of silence,
within your hearts, my children Faith, Love, Reconciliation , Penances, Sacrifices and Many Prayers are the balm to my
wounds which rises to my Father as a fragrance of many sensors.

My children a Ball of Fire from the sky is going to be a warning of the internal flame that will or will not extinguish the desires
of the flesh. Much suffering will come upon many souls to whom the fire that does not quench the desires of the flesh. A
period of time, I will permit these souls to look within there hearts of any unclean desires or sinful pleasures and of any
unrepentant sins.
My children I call you to see me as I am truly present, alive and well. I have come to you, not as if I left you but to be real to you,
Anew as one whom discovers or awakens in unfathomable love. I am your stillness and silence. One must serve the spirit
and not the flesh. Detach yourselves so that I may create in you a new and clean heart. Beloved children for I come to make
all things new I bless you and I now send you.

Jesus of Mercy
1-11-05, 12am - 1am
Victorville, Ca.
Johnny Manuel Lopez
* A few days after this message was received a Solar Flare occurred from the sun.
My beloved children, I have warned you throughout the world through my messengers who cry out of the wilderness, “make
way for the coming of the Lord“, and  you have not headed to my call, plea’s. Dear children turn to God and make away to the
heart His saving Grace. Many of my children or condemning themselves to perdition. Repent, little ones for I bring to you a
message of love and I am not hear to condemn you, but to for warn you from the chastisement that will befall mankind, for the
time is short and my son shall come like one whom gathers his flock before the attack of many dangers. Be ready my
children at all time for when he calls you, You will recognize his voice.

Blessed are you my children whom have made many sacrifices for your purification. Continue to do good works and live holy
lives and for the few of you, You have much work for your daily conversion. Do not loose hope “for the day nor hour is known
for whom the son of man shall come”. So be at every moment in sanctifying Grace. In this state of life you are in the Holy Love
of the Father. For love and joy is your consolation in the time of despair.

Beloved children I am well pleased to see you gathering and in the cenacals of my beloved son’s ( priest ) for they are my
little shepherds in the fields leading my children to my Son Jesus. Pray for your Priest, Deacons, Cardinals, Archbishops (
clergy ) and those of religious life, Especially my beloved son Pope John Paul II, love him in your prayers and love him with
your whole heart as my Son loves you.

Soon my children rain, snow and hail will fall in places that have not fallen. This will be a sign to you the warning is soon to
pass. Prepare the way of the Lord for the reign of my Immaculate Heart is upon all humanity and shall remain till the end of
time upon the earth as you know it.
I love you,
My beloved children, blessed are you whom make the Way of the Lord my Son Jesus.

November 3,2004
St. John Vieanney Church Hacienda Heights Ca.
Johnny Manuel Lopez
* This Day Accord on Sunday Nov. 21, 2004
Many cities around California suffered from rain, hail and mudslides and heavy snow, like the major snow storm in Victorville.
Blessed Mother, Mary

My Dear Son,
I ask of you to write for my son Jesus, through you his voice shall be heard and that you may convey his love for his children.
My beloved Son John, I have asked of you to make many sacrifices in reparation for the sins committed in the offences to the
Sacred Heart of my son Jesus and you have made little progress. Today I ask of you to pray the Rosary daily and to encourage
others to do the same, not only to pray but to make many sacrifices as well through fasting. Through penances my Son grants
the faithful hearted His love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is through this way of love that your heart and your
actions will turn to my Son Jesus.

Dear children of my Immaculate Heart, My Son calls you ever so tenderly and mercifully to turn to my Immaculate Heart. It is
through my motherly mediation, my love and protection shall reveal to the world, “Do what ever he tells you” ( Jn 2:5 ) Listen
my children, I come to you this day to guild my children on the way of salvation and for you to turn back to my son Jesus. I love
you and I bless you. Go my children and do not be afraid, for I am with you all ways and I shall never leave you alone. Blessed
are you whom have responded to my call of love, the way to my son Jesus.

Jesus of Mercy
My Dear Son and Children, it is through uniting yourselves with me and through suffering you shall know the mystery of love, a
love that is unconditional and that which comes from my Father. Children, loving one another as I have loved you. ( Jn Chapter
17 ) My Merciful Heart shall pour forth through your hearts the reign of peace for the unity of all humanity. Pray together, Help
one another and support one another on the path of salvation.
Come to me, be with me and pray with me at this hour of darkness. And we shall see the light of my Father illuminating souls
such as yourselves for the reign of my Sacred Heart…, is yours. I love you, I am with you tell the end of time. I love you and I
pour forth upon you my Merciful Love. Go my children, I now send you forth to preach to the ends of the world, to evangelize to
the less of the less and to the harden of the harden of hearts. I bless you and I have healed you. Blessed are you whom have
responded to my Merciful plea.

Johnny Manuel Lopez
May 3, 2004 a. d.
St. John Vianney Church in Hacienda Heights CA. 12:40pm
My beloved children of my Merciful Heart. I bring this day upon you and through you the Mercy of my Father to flow through your
hearts and through the many sacrifices I ask of you to partake. Beloved children today is a day of preparation to sanctify and to
purify souls whom I call spouses and brides. I your Jesus of Mercy have called you to be with me in these hours of great
mercy, for my Father has seen great and terrible abominations threating the foundation of you faith and with in your hearts
many are loosing the graces received .
Preserve yourselves in me and I shall protect you. Safeguard yourselves from my enemy and his leagends that are spreading
my flock to be devoured. Children be with me at this hour, be not distracted, but stand firm in me and by your faith I shall grant
the desires of your heart. I shall protect you against these attacks, preventing my Fathers  Mercy to flow through you. Beloved
children at this hour I am in sorrow and suffering. Spend time with me in prayer and fasting for Satan sees your efforts of your
obedience and perseverance, longing for mortification of your flesh and the sanctification of you souls. For I shall illuminate
your souls and heal you at these hours of darkness. Beloved children be with me at this hour of great mercy and I shall be
with you at the hour of death. You shall live in the abundance of My Merciful Father.
Blessed are you my beloved children. Children of My Merciful Heart and I now send you forth to spread  over the earth and in
the hearts of my beloved children with the Mercy of my Father. For He whom has sent me I now send you.
I Love You               Trust in Me.

Johnny Manuel Lopez
April 7, 2004 a. d.
8:27pm during the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the
Home of Rosario ( Chat ) Inducil
Holy Week
Marian Movement of Priest I opened to Message 330 for the group.
My beloved children,
I come this day to set you apart from the evil one, my adversary, Satan. Beloved children I call you to be on guard against the
snares of the devil. For he afflicts your souls with many lashings that will effect you and distract you from receiving the graces
of the Heavenly Father is sending upon you.
Beloved children safeguard your minds against the many delusions and deceptions of the evil spirits, for distractions in your
thoughts will cloud the vision and the plan of my Son Jesus has for you in your lives for living out the Holy Will of the Father.
Beloved children safeguard your hearts from the hardening's caused by sins, that hinders the heart from loving. Children for
the true desire of the heart is to love as my son Jesus loves you. Come to my Immaculate Heart and rest within and I shall
grant you the protection of my motherly love. Children through my Immaculate Heart and through the Sacred Heart of my Son
Jesus through you, We shall reign the love of the Father.
Beloved children guard you flesh, the temple and dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. Children come and receive my Son Jesus
upon the Altar of the Merciful Father.
Receive Him, Respond and Repent. Receive the unity that which comes from the Holy Trinity. Receive and you shall find your
healing and nourishment that he grants you this day. Stand on guard and do not allow yourselves to be misguided by the
many spirits prowling around the world, out for the destruction of humanity. I shall set you apart from the evil doers.
Blessed are you my beloved children, whom have responded to my call of safe refuge within and through my Immaculate
Heart and the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus.

Johnny Manuel Lopez
March 3, 2004   
Wednesday Prayer Group Sis. Chat’s home.
My Beloved Children, I your Sorrowful Mother with you beneath the crucifixion of my son Jesus, Call you to seek the joys
of conversion in the heart and in the sacrifice on my son Jesus offered to the Father. My beloved children, My Sons and
Daughters I have called you this weekend out of your busy schedules of life. This my children are the little sacrifices you
offer to the Father through the Cross of Jesus, your Merciful Redeemer.
Sons and Daughters of my Immaculate Heart, it is through the way of the cross you shall live in the way of love, The Love
of my son Jesus.
I call you to conversion within your hearts, this will lead you to the ways of God. My children living in the ways of God is to
holiness. I call all of you to lead good lives in and with my son Jesus.
My Immaculate Heart enfolds you in my mantel of love and protection and no evils of the world shall prevail over you.
Remain in my Son and you shall know the truth and the truth is my Son living in you and you in my Son. Through the unity
of heart shall reign the peace of the Eternal Father upon humanity. My beloved children be not afraid to go out into the
world for I am at your side and my Son lives in you. You shall not have fear for fear itself shall flee from you and Satan
shall loose his grip upon souls whom have been misguided by false truths. Many of my children do not fallow the path of
my son Jesus but have fallen to the path of eternal fire and damnation.
You my children are my beacons of light, the hope and love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Go my children, I have called
you to love. Blessed are you whom have responded to my call of love. I love you and I now send you in the love of the
Sacred Heart of my son Jesus.

Momma Mary
November 1 2003
Gospa’s Prayer House
16259 Community Street
North Hills, CA, 91343
Johnny Manuel Lopez  
“Given to All God’s Children of the World”

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April 3, 2005
Johnny M. Lopez

"My Flesh has been wounded
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Johnny M. Lopez
March 25, 2005  Holy Week
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