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Jan. 24, 2019

I'm so excited to be adding new photos and layouts to
Johnny Rockit World Pages and a New Page Called
Garabandal Family Center.  
Thank You for Visiting my little world!
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St. Sebastian Church of Garabandal

Church / Altar / Tabernacle Restoration:
Email from Joe
at the bottom of this Page

St. Andrews Abbey
Directions to the Abbey

From Holy Innocents Catholic Church of Victorville. Turn onto  
Palmdale Rd towards the city of Palmdale. Palmdale Rd. Turns into
Highway 138. Go for about 30 miles to the town of Pearblossom.
Turn left at the Chevron*s gas station onto Long view Road. Go
up Long view Road for one half mile. Turn left onto Avenue W.
Follow the long, winding road for four miles to St. Andrew's Abbey

May God's Love and Peace be with you.
Johnny Lopez
Be Transformed

"... be transformed
by the renewing of
your mind."

Romans 12: 2
The Arrows Point to the Face of Jesus
Dec. 4th 2004
Michael John Poirier
Artist & Composer
The Arrows Point to the Face of Jesus
Cropped Image
Left to Right      March 6th, 2005
Fr. Jack Spaulding's Parish
March 6th, 2005
Pictures taken during
pilgramages and prayer
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Crucifix created by the hands
Reyes Ruiz
Our Lady of The Americas
In Loving Memory of
Reyes Ruiz
Pray with me before  the
Throne of the Holy Trinity
Every 3rd of the Month

Pray for the Conversion of All Humanity
Our Lady of Fatima wept tears on
Sept. 8th, 2001
A tear under her right check is still
visable today.
Philippines Visionary,  Carmello Cortez
Dec. 1st. 2004
Medjugorje Visionary, Ivan
Jan. 12, 2005
Jim C. From the Movie
The Passion of the Christ
Jan. 12, 2005
Soon I will have a video of Jim posted!
Maria Esperanza . org
Aug. 7, 2004
The Bianchini Family
Betania Choir
Mr. Geo Bianchini
Feb. 26, 2005

Dogmas of the Virgin Mary

1st Marian Dogma

The Motherhood of God
431 A.D.

2nd Marian Dogma

The Perpetual Virginity
of Mary
649 A.D.

3rd Marian Dogma

The Immaculate Conception
of Mary
1858 A.D.

4th Marian Dogma

The Assumption
of Mary

Proposed Three New Marian Dogmas
1- Coredemptrix 2- Mediatrix and
3- Advocate

Please pray for these Dogmas to be
proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI
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Carmello Cortez Visionary
Our Lady of Eucharist and Grace
Hi everyone,

I have attended several of the prayer meetings
that Br Carmello has attended and friends of
the group would bring dozens of roses and
after the Mass or prayer service. Carmello
would grab the roses and remove the petals
and place them in a bowl or what ever is at
hand and he would pray over the petals. By
taking a petal at a time, placing them over the
heart of the person he prays with. The person
then would pray for a time, then removes the
petal from the chest and takes it into hand and
by their amazement a holy image has
appeared. I have several of these images that
ive witnessed with my own eyes appearing

More Images on the Way!
Mom - Carol, Visionary Estela Ruiz
ME- Johnny Lopez   2010
Maria Saraco 2011
Our Lady of La Salette Message
Let us all pray for our
Priest and Religious
Prayer Link
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St. Sebastian Church of Garabandal
Church / Altar / Tabernacle Restoration:

I was given the opportunity to go into the church today as the parish priest, Father Rolando, went in with a
number of others. The church has been preserved to be much the same as it had been although a
significant amount of work has been done to the outside walls, ceiling and various support structure. It is
obvious that they have tried to preserve.

They are working on the altar and it will look lovely. Father was particularly interested in showing the
restoration status around the tabernacle door. While they were removing the outside layer of paint around
the tabernacle door, they uncovered an ancient painting and words which said “Long Live Jesus in the
Blessed Sacrament.” I’m sure that some would prefer to preserve that ancient painting and I’m equally
sure that others would want the tabernacle restored to the status of their own more recent memories of it.
Both would be appropriate so it will be interesting to see what the decision is when we see the final
restoration. Whatever the decision is will be wonderful.

General Information:

Maria Saraco’s annual pilgrimage group to Garabandal, Spain has completed their two weeks here and
have departed. This has been the wettest of her two week pilgrimages that I can remember going back to
1997. However, the group was a wonderful group as always including, of course, both veterans of her
prior pilgrimages and new pilgrims. What a wonderful experience it is join with the veterans and welcome
the new additions to the family of pilgrims coming here. Of course, the family includes other groups and
individuals also that have been coming annually. In this regard a number of groups are expected in the
coming weeks from far flung locations.

No sooner had Maria’s group departed but on the same day the sun came out for a very clear day.
However, a cold front moved in and the temperature dropped precipitously to 9 degrees Centigrade (48
Fahrenheit) by late afternoon.  

Maria Saraco has remained here in the village until after the Bishop’s dedication of the church restoration
on 6 May. I will be absent since I had purchased a ticket long ago before knowing of the day of dedication
of the restored church. Thus I will be on a side trip to the Czech Republic for 10 days and return to
Garabandal one day after the re dedication day of 6 May.  

I’m already thinking of my departure for this year on 13 May and am even already starting to anxiously
await being back here again next year, God willing.

Well enough for now and God bless you all and all of yours, Joe Visek
Monks Ink
Nasreen (Iran)
Visionary and Stigmatist
Allan Robinson
Visionary and Stigmatist

Garabandal Visionary
Feast of St. Francis Mass
Miraculous Rose Petals
Video 2013